Body, Soul and Spirit

Aslıhan Mumcu Body
Aslıhan Mumcu Soul
Aslıhan Mumcu Spirit
Aslıhan Mumcu Body Soul and Spirit

Human fiction is the visualization of a single concept in three different ways. As a concept, human-based productions gain their visibility in different views. The use of finding animal tooth is a universal representation of existence. Sight – one of the human’s characteristics – and three different fields of vision are for human-being to grasp the place of their existence. For the spirit to exist, the unity of body and soul must be provided. Otherwise, we could not speak about conscious and communal human if body, soul, and spirit did not come together.


50 x 15 cm, Mixed media on canvas, 2017.


15 x 50 cm, Oil painting on canvas, 2017.


15 x 50 cm, Mixed media on wood, 2017.